CarGene 1.0 – Characterization of Sets of Genes based on Metabolic Pathways Analysis

CarGene 1.0


CarGene (Charac- terization of Genes) is a software tool, named that helps scientists to validate sets of genes by us- ing the biological knowledge on metabolic pathways stored in the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (Kegg), and providing a friendly graphical environment to analyze and compare results generated by dif- ferent clustering and/or biclustering techniques. CarGene is based on the degree of coherence of genes in (bi)clusters with respect to metabolic pathways of organisms stored in Kegg, and provides an estimate of obtaining results by chance, including two statistical corrections (Bon- ferroni, and Westfall and Young). One of the most important features of CarGene is the possibility of simultaneously comparing and statis- tically analyzing the information about many groups of genes in both visual and textual manner. Furthermore, it includes its own web browser to explore in detail the information extracted from Kegg. To show the functionality of CarGene, a test based on the study carried out by Huttenshower et al. is performed.



The Bioinformatics group of Seville(Spain)



  • Linux / Windows




Int J Data Min Bioinform. 2011;5(5):558-73.
CarGene: characterisation of sets of genes based on metabolic pathways analysis.
Aguilar-Ruiz JS, Rodriguez-Baena DS, Diaz-Diaz N, Nepomuceno-Chamorro IA.

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