Biofilter 2.4.2 – Knowledge-driven Multi-SNP analysis of large scale SNP data

Biofilter 2.4.2


Biofilter, a tool for knowledge-driven multi-SNP analysis of large scale SNP data. The Biofilter fundamentally differs from other methods in the way knowledge is incorporated into the analysis pipeline. The Biofilter uses biological information about gene-gene relationships and gene-disease relationships to construct multi-SNP models before conducting any statistical analysis. Rather than annotating the independent effect of each SNP in a GWAS dataset, the Biofilter allows the explicit detection and modeling of interactions between a set of SNPs. In this manner, the Biofilter process provides a tool to discover significant multi-SNP models with non-significant main effects that have established biological plausibility. This approach has the added benefit of reducing both the computational and statistical burden of exhaustively evaluating all possible multi-SNP models.



Ritchie Lab




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Biofilter: a knowledge-integration system for the multi-locus analysis of genome-wide association studies.
Bush WS, Dudek SM, Ritchie MD.
Pac Symp Biocomput. 2009:368-79.

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