BetaWrap / BetaWrapPro – Scores Sequences for Compatibility with the Right-handed beta-helix Fold

BetaWrap / BetaWrapPro


BetaWrap is a program that scores sequences for compatibility with the right-handed beta-helix fold. It incorporates structural features of the known beta-helix structures, as well as residue pair preferences learned from beta-sheets in non-beta-helices, to generate and score potential wraps of a query sequence into a beta-helical structure. It computes a score and P-value which reflect how well a query sequence fits into the structural template, and returns the top-scoring parses of the sequence into multiple rungs.


The BetaWrapPro program predicts right-handed beta-helices and beta-trefoils by using both sequence profiles and pairwise beta-strand interactions, and returns coordinates for the structure.


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