Bayenv 2.0 – Identify Loci Underlying Local Adaptation

Bayenv 2.0


Bayenv is a software of using Environmental Correlations to Identify Loci Underlying Local Adaptation.Loci involved in local adaptation can potentially be identified by an unusual correlation between allele frequencies and important ecological variables, or by extreme allele frequency differences between geographic regions. However, such comparisons are complicated by differences in sample sizes and the neutral correlation of allele frequencies across populations due to shared history and gene ow. To overcome these diffculties, we have developed a Bayesian method that estimates the empirical pattern of covariance in allele frequencies between populations from a set of markers, and then uses this as a null model for a test at individual SNPs.



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Graham Coop , David Witonsky , Anna Di Rienzo and Jonathan K. Pritchard
Using Environmental Correlations to Identify Loci Underlying Local Adaptation
Genetics August 2010 vol. 185 no. 4 1411-1423

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