ADMIXMAP 3.8.3103 – Model Admixture using Marker Genotype data

ADMIXMAP 3.8.3103


ADMIXMAP (Admixture mapping)is a general-purpose program for modelling admixture, using marker genotypes and trait data on a sample of individuals from an admixed population (such as African-Americans), where the markers have been chosen to have extreme differentials in allele frequencies between two or more of the ancestral populations between which admixture has occurred. The main difference between ADMIXMAP and classical programs for estimation of admixture such as ADMIX is that ADMIXMAP is based on a multilevel model for the distribution of individual admixture in the population and the stochastic variation of ancestry on hybrid chromosomes. This makes it possible to model the associations of ancestry between linked marker loci, and the association of a trait with individual admixture or with ancestry at a linked marker locus.



Paul McKeigue




  • Linux / Windows
  • C++ Compiler





Carcinogenesis. 2011 Mar;32(3):312-7. Epub 2010 Nov 29.
Admixture mapping of lung cancer in 1812 African-Americans.
Schwartz AG et al.

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