OrthoXML 0.3 / SeqXML 0.4 – XML standards for Orthology and Sequence Information

OrthoXML 0.3 / SeqXML 0.4


OrthoXML is designed broadly to allow the storage and comparison of orthology data from any ortholog database. It establishes a structure for describing orthology relationships while still allowing flexibility for database-specific information to be encapsulated in the same format.


The SeqXML schema (XSD) defines the skeletal structure of the sequence files and allows one to set constraints for each type of data it contains: for example, one can limit a DNA sequence to consist only of {A,G,C,T,N}. If one then tries to import a DNA sequence containing a ‘Z’, this error will be detected automatically by any XML validator.


Sonnhammer Bioinformatics Group




  • Linux

OrthoXML  / SeqXML


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